The Building


the place

With the impressive Chapelco range as a picture backdrop, the 450-square-meter Colección Georg perches on a sloping natural landscape.

The Building - The Context
The Building - The Project


the project

Architect Ruben Sidoni’s design features an undulating stonewall, perched between two curved wooden walls that look like flags waving in a breeze. An impressive glass cascade flows down the center, splashing through wood and rock. This dynamism is only interrupted by the main entrance, where the rigid volume anchors the building’s fluid movement. The project was presented in the category “Architecture and Landscape” at the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture.


the concept

On the interior, spaces do not face each other so much as they interrelate, providing an integrated view throughout the building. The vertical movement of the glass staircase and transparent elevator shaft allow constant communication between the visitor, the artwork, and the building itself.

the Building - The Vision