Isaías Miciu Nicolaevici

Fine Art Photographer

Isaías Miciu Nicolaevici

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1985. I spent my early years in Cordoba, and have lived in San Martin since 1993. Here, my passion for fly fishing grew. After taking some classes in photography, I apprenticed in the world of digital photography with Theo Ribeiro (Brazil). Next, I collaborated with my brother Eliseo on a book project for National Geographic Traveler. I have also worked as an assistant to Marcos Furer (renowned photographer and friend) on projects for ad campaigns in Europe.

I have traveled throughout Argentina, Europe, Russia, the Caribbean Islands, the United States, Africa, but I always return to Patagonia. I specialize in sports photography, specifically fly fishing and hunting, and I make customized photography books from traveling to the world’s exotic destinations.

When asked if I consider myself a photographer, I must answer that I am not sure. I wonder, what does it mean to be a photographer today? If the end goal is to transmit emotions, dreams, a sense of utopia ... then, perhaps I am. I consider myself a seeker of moments, who watches everyday situations in which man interacts with nature, out in the open air.

To capture and record a moment it is necessary for the observer to become part of the medium, but without intervening. I do not think a person can interact in a situation without changing it somehow. To capture a moment that transmits an emotion, a photographer has to live it in the first person. A person must identify with an emotion in order to appreciate it. That is why I am dedicated to pursuing moments that leave bare the magnificence of Creation.


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