Emaús Miciu Nicolaevici


Emaús Miciu Nicolaevici

Emaús was born in Granada in 1978, and made his first strokes as a painter at the side of his grandfather, Konstantino. Growing up, he shared his artistic discoveries with Hungarian artist Ivan Moricz Karl. With Leon Einberger, he took to the open air of Europe, and with his father and siblings, they traversed Patagonia on enriching explorations.

In Argentina, his work has been shown in Córdoba, Villa Allende, Villa Giardino, La Granja, Nono, Neuquén, Río Gallegos, Ushuaia, Merlo, San Luis, Buenos Aires, S. Antonio de Areco, Mar del Plata, Cafayate, and San Rafael Mendoza. Beyond Argentina’s borders, his work has appeared in Steamboat (USA), Salzburg (Germany), Vercelli (Italy), and Linares (Spain).

His countless visits to the museums in Europe helped him study the great masters and paint the hidden corners of its capital cities.