Georg Miciu Nicolaevici


Georg Miciu Nicolaevici

Born in 1946, of Rumanian descent, Austrian by birth and Patagonian by adoption. He was brought to Argentina by his parents at age 3 after the Second World War. He spent his childhood among the Dunes of Villa Gesell, where his love of nature was born. Many years and relocations later, he lived for a time in the region of City Bell, near Pereyra Iraola Park, where he explored the park’s fascinating light and made numerous watercolor paintings.

His mother cultivated in him a taste for music, which led him to study at Conservatorio Gilardo Gilardi in La Plata, where maestro Adalberto Tortorella developed in Georg a well-rounded sense of what constitutes art.

Under the guidance of his father, Konstantino, he traveled and painted in the south of Argentina. On many other trips after that, he studied the great masters of art at museums and art galleries in South America, the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and Europe. Simultaneously, he perfected the technique of painting au plein air and adopted the palette knife as his primary painting tool. He opened solo shows in Jerusalem, Paris, Stuttgart, Barcelona, and Granada, exhibiting his works of Patagonia.

Already Married, Georg took his family to live in Spain for four years where his youngest children were born and he exhibited his works in various cities, sharing his thoughts and memories of Patagonia with everyone around him.

Upon returning to Argentina, they settled in the Sierras of Córdoba. In 1990, he worked with his friend and collaborator Jorge Bonzano to open “Sala de Georg” in Villa Giardino, a first home for his work.

In 1993, they moved to San Martin de los Andes, where they lived for almost 30 years. His works have been exhibited in Rosario, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mar del Plata, and abroad in Granada, Almeria, San Francisco and Montecito in California.

He has opened over 300 individual exhibitions. In 1993, “Three Generations Miciu” was opened in Villa Allende, Córdoba, where Georg’s work was accompanied by works of his father, brother, and son Emaús. A variation on this exhibit later appeared in Buenos Aires at the National Museum of Decorative Art.

Two years later, Grinfeld Fine Arts opened a “Sala de Georg” in Palm Beach, Florida. Grinfeld printed limited edition prints and lithographs, for wider distribution of Georg’s works.In 2005, the book “Georg” was published, a brief account of his artistic career. A year later, the project that made Colección Georg come to life was already in motion.


About Georg:

A song coming directly from nature for the pleasure and edification of the soul enters the eyes without vain morbid cerebralism: health, life, harmony.

Pour les yeux entrent un chant directement de la nature pour le plaisir et l’édification de l’âme, sans vain cérébralisme morbide: la santé, la vie, l’harmonie.

Raymond Clermont
French Art Critic - pARIS, FEBRUARY 1955

Possessor of the same viral enthusiasm as his father, coupled with a remarkable serenity which seems to place him always at the forefront of any movement and sets him above inopportune vicissitudes.

Alberto Bellucci
Alberto G. Bellucci
National Argentine Fine Arts Museum former Director